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   Real Time Data Entry
  • All activity that occurs when a user is logged into the League Connect system updates the database instantly

  • There is no lag time in updating game schedules, assigning officials, or any other type of data manipulation

  • The most up-to-date information is available at all times
   Improved Communication
  • Electronic bulletins provide an easy and effective method of distributing information of a less urgent nature to a large number of people - they can be targeted directly to a group of individuals or they can be sent as general information to all users of the system

  • Mass e-mail mailings are another useful tool to circulate information to a number of individuals - these can be generated from the system and sent to one or more users of your choice
   Central Data Store
  • All information is kept in one shared database - this eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and decreases the chance of data entry errors

  • As an example, when an administrator schedules a game in the system, the appropriate convenors, coaches, official assignors, and officials are able to view the details of this scheduled game - there is no need for them to enter the details into their own system

  • Scheduling errors, game location mis-communication, missed assignments, etc. - these mistakes are all virtually eliminated
   Official Assignor Efficiency
  • Quickly view a list of available and qualified officials for any assignment and assign games online - officials login to accept or decline assignments

  • Can mark assignments “Open” so qualified officials can “Accept” assignments without your extra effort to contact them by phone or in other ways

  • Pay reports are generated in seconds and are available to download in many formats such as PDF, XLS, TXT, etc.

  • You can expect an Assignor’s workload to be reduced quite significantly


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